Haven’t drawn this shitlord in such a long time.
Also I tried to re-figure out his hair?? and colored because why not.

I am working on a lil project!! At least while I have free time.

Wanted to do a redraw, so I chose this piece I drew in December ‘10, back when Id was a freshly-created character from a Gaia avatar (meaning: she looks less ridiculous). I hope the pose is a bit of an improvement, at least!

Might color later, but I wanted to get the lineart so it could be fairly compared with the old one.

I want to be good at the binary tool and thick lines, but I just suck at it.

I need to stop
drawing Id and in a simplified version because I’ll never get better. 

Okay, I had to quickly doodle this character once she popped into my head.
Her name is Bubblegum (obviously not her real name) and she’s badass and she helps the Team by trying to pick up radio waves. Rather than spying on people (like the government does), she instead tries to pick up people’s signals and then trace it back to where the government is storing the information. She constructed that junky-looking radio… thing (I got lazy with that, I admit it), but it’s her pride and joy since it’s helping the Team get closer to their goal.

These past few days, I’ve been thinking about my character, Lucien, a lot.
In just these few days, I’ve developed her more, which motivated me.
Here she is in all of her pretty glory! 

I drew this two months ago.
I don’t know what else to do with it so here it goes. 

I wish I didn’t like the way I drew so that I’d be pushed toward realism.
Instead of drawing my character happy in a more cartoonish way.
/bad artist

I ruined this by trying to do something in the background and giving up.