oh, it doesn’t mean a thing
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
oh, I’m better off alone
where can you go when you cannot go back home?

Haven’t drawn this shitlord in such a long time.
Also I tried to re-figure out his hair?? and colored because why not.

I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna request a thing. *peaks out behind rock* Virus in number 1 cause I am a problem. Also Noiz in 14 because Noiz will be more fun for you than the trash baby.


Joke’s on you I can barely draw Noiz

I am working on a lil project!! At least while I have free time.

Someone essentially wanted me to draw a simplified Smaug on Aywas.
Posting because I’m actually pretty happy with the coloring and shading.

Wanted to do a redraw, so I chose this piece I drew in December ‘10, back when Id was a freshly-created character from a Gaia avatar (meaning: she looks less ridiculous). I hope the pose is a bit of an improvement, at least!

Might color later, but I wanted to get the lineart so it could be fairly compared with the old one.

Mogatrat mentioned making a new saint in Saints Row IV, so I drew her profile. Technically supposed to be a late “Christmas present,” but it’s super late. I also haven’t taken out outlines before, so it was a fun experiment.

Look at ALL THIS ART that’s left unfinished in my folders.
Guess what I like drawing the most totally not heads/faces.