I am working on a lil project!! At least while I have free time.

Someone essentially wanted me to draw a simplified Smaug on Aywas.
Posting because I’m actually pretty happy with the coloring and shading.

Wanted to do a redraw, so I chose this piece I drew in December ‘10, back when Id was a freshly-created character from a Gaia avatar (meaning: she looks less ridiculous). I hope the pose is a bit of an improvement, at least!

Might color later, but I wanted to get the lineart so it could be fairly compared with the old one.

Mogatrat mentioned making a new saint in Saints Row IV, so I drew her profile. Technically supposed to be a late “Christmas present,” but it’s super late. I also haven’t taken out outlines before, so it was a fun experiment.

Look at ALL THIS ART that’s left unfinished in my folders.
Guess what I like drawing the most totally not heads/faces.

I was doodling a few minutes before the Metro picked me up. I was trying to make some sort of ref sheet for Silas, but then I realized I really suck at drawing fullbodies. I thought this was pretty good for a five minute doodle though.

I was bored last Friday, please don’t judge me.
The shirt really brings this out.

Kept messing around, this time with a headshot.
I haven’t drawn anyone from Bleach in forever.

Commission for keytotime!
The trickster Doc Scratch design is based off of this cosplay (I don’t have the URL source, but if you know where it’s from, let me know!)

I want to be good at the binary tool and thick lines, but I just suck at it.